OÜ Veebiaken

Founded in 2010 in Viiratsi, Viljandi county. We create web solutions to individuals and small-size companies. We also deal with web administration and advise in IT field.

Sten Aus

Marek Meiesaar

I have been interested in computers and websites since 2000. In the beginning I tried to do everything on my own, but I now specialise in front-end design. Front-end is a combination of HTML and CSS programming languages.

To put it simply, I’m the one to set up a cursor-click website from an image file.

In 2006 I signed my first contract as a web administrator. My job was to freshen up the webpage (to add information and revise it).

Time passed and in 2010 the idea was born which by now has been realised as OÜ Veebiaken.

I’m a young and hard-working designer who has practised web design for more than seven years by now.

Although my strongest sides are graphics and web design, I have also tried other things, such as photography, motion graphics, and video and photo processing.

I pick up everything that seems interesting to me easily.